The Lake Area Foundation


Planning began for the creation of the Lake Area Foundation in Autumn 2010 when a presentation, entitled “The Potential of Philanthropy,” was made to the Lake Cumberland Area Development District’s Board of Directors. After much investigation, a consultant with vast experience in the creation and management of a community foundation was secured in May 2012 and plans progressed at a rapid pace.

The Lake Area Foundation was officially formed in July 2012 with the approval of by-laws, followed by the creation of advisory committees in each of the 10 Lake Cumberland counties, and the creation of a regional board of directors. This group initiated something untried and untested in the Lake Cumberland region, a community foundation built on the simple concept of caring people pooling their resources to provide good things for current and future needs.

The Foundation was created in faith, knowing that the need existed for this “framework for giving,” and that dozens, even hundreds of funds would come with time in an effort to serve the region. This seed, that has been planted by some, will grow into a tree which will provide shade to the citizens of this region in perpetuity.

For more information about the foundation, please watch our video below.